About the Beer

Malt, Hops and Yeast

We brew properly, with large amounts of the best ingredients to ensure that the maximum flavour is crafted into every drop. We don’t use any inexpensive sugars or extract, we don’t remove alcohol from our beer and we don’t add any synthetic flavours or preservatives.

A simple and timeless product, our pure beer is only malt, hops and water, fermented by yeast. Nothing is added in, nothing is removed.

Full Flavour

To achieve the biggest most complex and interesting beer possible, we use large amounts of top shelf malt. We’ve carefully developed our own unique process and we skilfully control every step of every batch, to consistently deliver a highly drinkable and refreshing result.

Because we relish the process of brewing and the development of new beers, we’ve been spending our spare time working on several new gems across a wide variety of styles, for release in the near future.