Beer that hydrates better than water

Our industry leading range of hypotonic sports beers developed with Monash University, smash the preconceived idea of what a beer should be. The addition of carefully selected minerals, in combination with carbohydrates and water, provide low energy hydration, replacing lost electrolytes and nutrients to support recovery.

Designed to be enjoyed pre-game as well as at half-time or during ‘sports breaks’, the rehydration non-alcoholic beers are available in two styles: Ultra Pale Lager and Classic Pale Ale.

Hypotonic sports beers are perfect for sports people like Elijah Ware – former Port Adelaide Australian rules football player – who knows the balance required to perform as a modern professional athlete as well as maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

”I drink UpFlow’s hypotonic sports beers to help me rehydrate after games. They allow me to enjoy a few celebratory beers with my footy players without having to worry about the risk of driving home to my family. For post-game hydration and recovery as well as my own mental health, there’s no better feeling than being able to smash beers throughout the season without feeling guilty. There’s really no downside – it helps me perform at my best and keeps the club atmosphere fun and relaxed at the same time,” Mr Ware said.

Every UpFlow beer is authentically brewed from 100% malt, right here in Melbourne. We brew properly, using large amounts of the best quality ingredients to ensure that the maximum flavour is crafted into each drop.

We’ve carefully developed our unique process and we control every step of every batch, to consistently deliver a highly drinkable, dry and refreshing result. Our pure and healthy beer is only malt, hops and water, fermented by yeast. Nothing added, nothing removed.